Bobrisky blasts Eedris Abdulkareem for insulting him.

Bobrisky reacts to what Eadris said on TVC television. Eedris said “On the day of judgment, expect fire coming from your mouth to that stupid place that they are hitting you”. He also said that Bobrisky is just trying to be an American.

Bobrisky later replied to him. He said.

“One thing I won’t take from nobody is saying trash to other people all in the name of FAME!!!!This idiot that look like fire wood dust is saying rubbish to me. Hey man I don’t know you because you are nobody. The energy you are putting to bring other celebrities down please use that energy to build your dusted future back to life”.

“You keep granting different interviews up and down as if they are paying you to say all this rubbish you are vomiting from your damage lips .You are judging other people. Who are you to judge them? You never told us that you are the son of God who he sent to start judging people. Fool”.


This could be an upcoming war between Eedris and Bobrisky.

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