Men confessed as ghost of dead Man Hunts them.

A man named Thomas Ezeugwu died and while his corpse was brought home to his village at Nkpologwu town in Uzouwani for funeral rites and burial, there came the peak of the main event. Three men Okolo Nicholas, Peter Ezugwu and Augustine Ezeugwu all from the same town but resident in Onitsha Anambra state came out as if they were being pursued by the ghost of the dead man and confessed how they both planned to kill Thomas.

According to Coalcity Connect it was gathered that both men confessed to going to Omor town of Anambra State to get the juju which they used in killing the man, who according to them was about to sell 20 plots of land without their consent  and at that they planned to kill him. They went further to reveal that when they went, they contacted two native doctors who helped them prepare charms that killed the man.

The villagers angrily beat them mercilessly. They almost killed the men when some Police officers intervened.

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