Juliet Ibrahim blasts Christians over fashion.

Juliet Ibrahim, a Ghanaian actress and singer challenges Christian. She called them Hypocrites, saying that why can’t one wear anything he or she likes as she preaches over costumes and fashion.

The amazing part of it was that she told the Christian that they are sinners and they should come to her for deliverance. She calls them fake Christians. She supports Muslim as she says “Did you see any Muslim complaining or pointing fingers and judging anyone who wears their religious outfit”? She is a type that likes to wear anything she likes to without anyone uttering a word against what she wore.

Juliet Ibrahim

Read what she said.

“Once upon a time I forgot I live in the part of the world where the uneducated ones always feel they understand and know it all and could do better when they were put in someone else’s shoes. They won’t even go and research the meaning of Costume Party to understand and know before coming online to preach holiness and religion! People typing gibberish are nothing but Fake Christians as the Bible I do know says “Do not judge your neighbor” ” let he who is without sin be the first to cast his stone”!

“People over decades have used this costume in all sorts of ways and for dirty deeds and oh yes in the western world people do know the meaning of Costume Party! You sinners need to come to me for prayers obviously! Fake Christians always ready to bully others into their nonsense archaic beliefs of their so-called version of their own Bible. I’ll post more pictures and I’ll throw more costume parties and use those parties to raise funds for the less privileged through my parties, if you don’t like go and hug a goat for all I care”.

“After insulting and judging your fellow human being. You people will go to church on a Sunday to pray and ask God to bless and change your pathetic lives? Do you see Muslims complaining or pointing fingers and judging anyone who wears their religious outfits???? Shut up if you don’t know what to type or have no sense left in your heads! And NO I’m not a Muslim but A Christian doesn’t be misled by my last name illiterates and yes I do know what it means to be a true Christian”. Hypocrites! She said.

Juliet Ibrahim

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