A lady who survived cancer of the breast.

A 24yrs old lady named Geneva Jessica survived cancer of the breast. She was found having cancer of the breast at the age of 22yrs. She never thought she will survive and always feel like that same woman again. She feels like the happiest person in the world as she survived peacefully.

She thanked God for saving her as she said “Got me smiling ear to ear, you really had me fooled”. “You really had me going there for a second”. “How did I make it this far?  Like who am I? What makes me so special? I know your plans are beyond me”. “There is a purpose in my testimony and reason why I am so transparent about my journey and body”.

Cancer free

“You never know who you may help or inspire in the process and my goal is to inspire the world. Trust God in everything you do. Pain is temporary. You have to dance in the rain and smile through the pain”. “I made it because of you and the people you have put in my life. I think cancer free looks good on me”.

See what she posted below.

Cancer free

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