9mobile network provider in Nigeria now working.

Etisalat now known as 9mobile is one of the network providers in Nigeria. They recently undergone a serious network issue that led to the offline of some customer’s sim in some states in Nigeria. The problem occurred and lasted for about 74hrs. They have now rectify the issue.

This problem made some of their customers to divert to another network few hours after the incident occurred. In Enugu Nigeria, other network providers sold more of their networks as their shops were been filled with customers requesting to buy a new network provider.

A cyber café owner, Mr Johnson explained how he felt when the network went offline. He is also happy as came back to normal. “I subscribed five thousand naira two days ago before the incident occurred and i wasn’t happy at all then but all I did was to buy another network immediately and subscribe again for my customers”. “I am now very happy as it came back to normal”. He said.

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