Basic settings you need to know on Facebook.

Many people dislike it when someone posts or tag an unnecessary content on their Facebook timeline. This sounds so embarrassing and you would be angry about it. Scammers on Facebook can attack you without these settings. Therefore, with these settings that am going to teach you, it will help to protect your timeline and your Facebook account as well.

Timeline protection

To protect your timeline against abnormal posts follow this steps:

  1. Click on settings.
  2. Click on account settings.
  3. Click on Timeline and tagging
  4. Click on ‘who can post on my timeline’. You can now set it to ‘friends’ or ‘only me’. I recommend you should click on friends.
  5. This is the most important part of the settings. Turn on the ‘Review post’ option. After that, you can now review any post before it can appear on your timeline.

Protecting your Facebook account

Changing your password to better and stronger combination of digits, alphabets and symbol will grant your account less risk to hack. Some people do use their phone numbers or names to create a password which is very risky as you may lose your account at any time. Your password should be like Ken64.5j. Yes, but it is important that you create a strong password that you can remember.

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Steps to set or change your password on Facebook.

  1. Click on settings.
  2. Click on ‘Account settings’
  3. On ‘Security and login’ Click on ‘Change password’
  4. Fill the three boxes by entering your current password, new password and also re-enter your new password.
  5. Click on save changes.

Now your account is secured.

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