Best 12 ways to avoid catastrophe.

Naturally, some people do like to create trouble. Others might behave arrogantly which could be caused by being too rich or someone that is troublesome.

Are you tired of being troubled by someone or in your society?

Here are best ways to prevent them.

  1. If your child complains to you about a certain issue, try to find out first before you can proceed to judge the matter.
  2. Sometimes, it is good to surrender yourself despite the fact that you are right just to avoid the case to move further.
  3. Avoid fighting and report to the nearest police around you.
  4. Learn how to cooperate with a hot-tempered person.
  5. Try to calm down any problem that arises as much as possible.
  6. Learn how to have a good heart and appreciate good things when seen.
  7. If you are married, make sure that any problem that arises between you couple should be settled within yourselves.
  8. Avoid too much gossip as this can reduce the risk of catastrophe.
  9. There is a saying “mind your business”. You should know when to intervene in a matter and when not to.
  10. Do not keep quite when something strange happens around you as you could be a victim if you don’t report.
  11. Try to behave and collaborate nicely.
  12. Some people might come and tell you to do otherwise. You don’t have to listen to them as it might cause issues.


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