The power of science and technology.

The existence of technology in our current world today has made a big impact in the life of so many people and countries. Technology can be said to be a collection of techniques or skills to create informative objects in order to make life easier.

The invention of bulbs, electricity, machines and other aspect of technology helps users to be able to perform some task easily. With the influence of science and technology, one can easily communicate with people that are far away. Technology reduces corruption in a country making it easier to view or locate any suspect or criminal.

Science and technology are one of the best inventions in the world. They serve as helping hands to the user. Each day, many types of technological equipments are being produced to enhance the economy of a country.

Some example of science and technology are phones, computer, radio, electricity, machines, cars, CCTV, Weapons, e.t.c.

Merits of Technology

  1. Technology helps one to reduce much stress in work.
  2. It serves as a support to an individual or society.
  3. It creates job opportunity for the unemployed.
  4. It boosts the financial system of the government.
  5. It reduces the risk of life, thereby helping people to access things easily.

Demerits of Technology

  1. Improper use of technological equipments can lead to a serious catastrophe.
  2. It creates war between two countries.
  3. It brings about damages in the society.
  4. It can cause disaster.

Nowadays, most people do travel without getting the direction of where they are heading to, due to the use of some application in ones phone.

Robots now work almost exactly like human beings to perform tasks. Science and technology almost made everything possible on earth as one can be able to transfer kidney to someone, to apply an artificial leg or hand, or to fly on air. Without science and technology, I personally think that the world will be at great suffering.

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