Hushpuppi angrily slams his brother.

Hushpuppi shared his mind with the public as he was provoked by his brother. He called him “my fat foolish brother”. This was what he said.

“As I grow older, I have been working on myself a lot mostly when it comes to social media matters that will concern people I have once sat down n shared food from the same plate, shared our problems with each other, laugh and drink to our wins together and most importantly kept secrets with each other”.

“I always try to avoid being the one without any sense in the head without single maturity, I always stay away from coming here to throw shades or air things out through this platform when I have options of cursing or fighting u in real life or just squash whatever it is between us or involve people who are close to us to work things out”.

“But I see there’s a big fool in you that has pushed you to foolishness and I will take my first post easy before I rip you apart in my next other once if u ever make more efforts to be more foolish. My fat foolish brother, before u come to social media and throws shade and call someone broke Instagram Billionaire; did u think of it well”?

“Did u remind yourself that this is the same person that just recently borrowed you 20million naira in CASH when all your friends turned you down and wanted to see you shamed”? “Did u know u haven’t even paid the whole money back to this broke person who stood by you as a true friend, gave you 20 million without collateral or even interest or agreement, did you remind yourself this is the same person u want to be like that you brought carpenters to tear down your staircase to put wood to be like the background he takes his photos in his Malaysia house”?

“How many of the people laughing at your foolishness in your comment section was there for you? Tell me, but you want to be a bitch nigga and run your mouth. As u are quick to tell the world bad about me, be quick to tell them the good about me too, don’t hide the good side of me, and tell the world too”.

“Is it by force to do friendship? I block u all now y’all ganging up to be foolish. Ordinary Instagram verification hurting you all life, is that what you stand for? U can go your way in peace you know? Leave me out of your life. We are grown and have families, let’s be matured and live in peace. If u come look say your mouth sharp, try me and reply then u will know”.

This is indeed a very serious matter.

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