MMM Nigeria has crashed again.

It is obvious that this could be the end of a popular ponzi scheme in Nigeria known as MMM. They recently came up with the plan, increasing the interest to 100% and afterward reduced it to 50%.

A Top Guider on Facebook, Andrew Marc, took to his Facebook page on Wednesday morning to blame himself for the latest crash while confessing that there was no more ‘Provide Help’ (PH) in the system.

This Marks the third time MMM has crashed in Nigeria. First was in December 2016, the second in August and now in October.

He wrote, “There was big PHs which were unmatched. And we thought that PH exceeded GH. But it revealed that those PHs were fake.

“Now it’s clear that the GH exceeds PH and there not enough PH to dispatch. It was a big mistake done by us (especially me).

“The reasons of misinterpretations of statistics that before we did not fully have random matching when matching proceeds consequently from the earliest PHs to the latest one, it’s obvious what volume of PH we have in the queue. But it was random.
“We thought there was enough PH.”

Many people blamed themselves as there may be no way to get their money back.


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