Yul Edochie to win the Anambra election 2017.

Yul Edochie seems to win the Anambra election as the governor of Anambra State. The vote is to be held by November 18th, 2017. He is putting more efforts to making sure that he becomes the new governor of Anambra. DPC party is giving him all support they can to ensure that they succeed. Yul Edochie shared his message to the people saying.

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“Many times i have stopped by the road side to greet people. The children and the youths are always excited to see me, encourage me and bring suggestions for progress”. “But some of the other ones will always tell me about different grudges and age long quarrels they have with my community and other communities, they are either hating this person or planning to deal with some other people”. “This is why we are developing as a country, as a state”. “We keep electing the older generation who bear ethnic grudges, personal grudges and this affects their leadership and affects development”. “We must move beyond that”. “Vote DPC”.

By mere looking at the support he is getting from different Local Governments in Anambra and other states as well, he may surely become the winner.

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