About 1000 Nigerian citizens in Thailand prison.


Alhaji Nuhu Bamalli reported that about 1000 Nigerians are in prison in Thailand.

The representative made the shocking revelation, Thursday, at the Africa Gems and Jewellery Exhibition and Seminar, in Abuja.

He did not provide details of their offences, but though, advised Nigerians travelling outside the country to constantly pursue the proper channels.

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“One area that was left out by the Honorable Minister was the consular issues. I am very delighted that all the key stakeholders are here in this forum.

It’s a very serious issue for Nigeria because in Thailand alone, we have close to 1000 people in jail, which is very embarrassing to our country. So, I am craving the indulgence of the organizers of this event to counsel genuine investors, so that at least whenever they are traveling outside Nigeria they should go through the proper channel”.

Alhaji Bamali also guaranteed facilitation of partnership between genuine Nigerian investors and Thais; whom he described as advanced in gems and jewelleries.


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