Prevent your computer from consuming lots of data.

Today I will teach you some little secrete that you need to know to avoid much loss of data on your Personal Computer. Remember to check out for Step 3. I know you wouldn’t like a situation whereby after subscribing for a month, your data will only last for one or two weeks. So, here are few steps you have to take to avoid it.

STEP ONE: Click on the ‘Windows logo‘ or press  ‘Windows button’ then right click on an icon and then click ‘Turn off live tiles’. Make sure you turn all live tiles off for each icon.

STEP TWO:  Turn on your metered connection and do also turn off automatic map update. This will help to prevent map from consuming data.

STEP THREE: On Computer management, Click on ‘services and applications’ then also click on ‘Services’. Scroll down and open ‘Windows update’. Select ‘Disabled’.


STEP FOUR: Click on ‘Settings’, Click on ‘Location’, scroll down and click on ‘Background apps’ and then you can turn off some apps. It is better you turn off all of them.


STEP FIVE: On settings, click on ‘Update and security’ ,click on ‘Windows update’. Then click on ‘Advance option’  make sure that the two boxes are not checked.

With this little tips, I hope it will help to minimize the use if data on your computer.

Make sure you deactivate all auto updates on any new application you install on your Computer.

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