Kidnap at Shoprite Enugu, Nigeria.

A man named Fabian from Ezeagu local government area, who lives in Enugu lost his male child. The little boy of about five years old was reportedly missing yesterday, 1st October at Shoprite Enugu. It started when an unknown young man came to their house. He (Fabian) welcomed the young man. The young man gave them money. Food was prepared and they all ate the food including the children and wife. After the meal, the unknown young man requested to take them all to Shoprite for fun. The family agreed and they went out for shopping. After some hours, the unknown young man told the couple to take their children home leaving the little boy with him to bring back when he is done. The couple agreed and went home with the other children. When they came home, they waited till down but the unknown young man did not come back at all. The family is now looking for suggestion, running here and there to get back their missing child and they are also calling for the police intervention. No one knows what will happen next, whether the child will be back or not.

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After the incident, it was heard that some people were saying that they knowingly sold their child while others were busy, saying all sought of things against them.

This incident happened in Enugu and I hope this will teach a lot of people lessons to learn. It is sometimes caused due to poverty.

Things you need to learn about this.

  • Do not leave your child to an unknown person no matter the situation.
  • Mind the kind of visitors you accept in your house
  • Accepting gifts or money from a stranger is very dangerous
  • Manage yourself the way you are
  • Watch over your children and mind the kinds of friend they have.
  • Don’t allow any anonymous in your house without knowing who he or she is.


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