MASSOB – We can never surrender. Biafra must live.

After the release of Operation Python Dance. It was gathered that MASSOB stated that they were not calling for disintegration of Nigeria but the freedom of Igbos. This was contained in a statement issued in Enugu on Friday, September, 29 by MASSOB’s national director of publicity, Samuel Edeson. The statement read: “MASSOB is not saying that Nigeria should disintegrate. What we are demanding is freedom of Biafrans. Any Igbo man or woman who wishes to remain in Nigeria is free and if any Nigeria feels to live in Biafra, he will be accepted.

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“If President Mohammad Buhari is supporting the states of Palestinian and Saharawi, why is he against Biafra freedom? MASSOB wishes to make it clear that no amount of threats by Nigerian army, police and other security agents can ever stop us from pursuing our freedom. “What we are doing is legal, constitutional and justifiable and nobody can ban us because self-determination is guaranteed by United Nations and the African Union charter, which Nigeria is signatory to both organisations”. The Pro-Biafra group alleged that it was for fear of international prosecution that the Nigerian government was considering pulling out of 90 international organizations it belonged to. “Nigerian government is afraid of prosecution by all these organizations. The genocide and war crime cases are at the door of Nigeria government.  Nigeria, let Biafra go and you will have peace,” he stated. Meanwhile, it was previously reported that MASSOB said that Nnamdi Kanu has shaken hands with the federal government and therefore compromised the struggle to achieve an independent state of Biafra after he met with some politicians.

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