How you can maintain a good health and live longer.

Being healthy is one of the most important things one can ever thing of. Healthiness does not only deal with being physically fit or strong. It is being mentally, spiritually as well as physically fit.

Always drink water each time you wake up in the morning. It helps the body system to remain steady, hydrated and energetic. Without water, the body system won’t be able to function properly. Our body needs water to be able to digest the food we eat.

Making sure you brush your teeth every morning provides a fresh breathe to your body oral cavity. Many people do suffer from tooth pain and other tooth diseases due to inadequate maintenance of the tooth. Brushing at least three times a day helps the body. Also check the paste you use in brushing. Any food that goes into the body goes through the mouth first. So it is better to keep your teeth clean.

Keep the clothes you wore neat so as to avoid bad odor. Schedule a time to always wash your clothe. Even if you have few cloths, always make out time to wash them because air does not only goes into our body through the nose but also through the holes or pores in our skin.

Relaxing the body is good. Our body is not a computer that works 24hours. It needs time to rest and relax the body in other to gain strength in other to gain strength to continue its duty. In Nigeria today for example, 60% of the citizens always engage themselves in work that lasts hours due to the economic situation of the country. Indeed one needs to survive but creating a time to rest will be better for our health.

Whenever you feel bad about your health, try as much as possible to see a doctor. Don’t try to get drugs yourself from a pharmacy or any other places unless it’s just to calm your health down before proceeding to see a doctor. It is true that some people do not have the sufficient funds to go to the hospital but it is very important to. Do not wait until your health becomes too bad before you can go to the hospital. So many children and adults have died of being reluctant to go to the hospital due to so many reasons or the other which one of them may be going to the hospital when the illness becomes worst.

Eat natural food always. It is very important to the body. When cooking, avoid some spices which may contain some chemical substance. Making sure vegetable is added to some of the food we cook helps a lot. Fresh meat and fish are good for the body. People do die of cancer and so many other diseases due to lack of natural nutrients to the body. Most of us do buy frozen food stuffs which is never good for our health. We should know that crayfish is far better than the frozen pork meat or any other frozen meat we buy in the market. You may ask why most of the people in the village look strong and healthy. This is because they concentrated on natural foods.

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