Best ways to reduce data usage in your phone.


Most of us do complain on the rapid decrease of data in our phones. First of all before I proceed, I would like to highlight those network services that give more data in higher data plans.

GLO: This network gives more data than other networks though it is a bit slow sometimes. GLO offers 10gyga byte for N2,500 or 3.2gyga byte for N1,000 for one month, and more.

ETISALAT: It is the fastest network in Nigeria when it comes to data. Many people do choose Etisalat because its speed in browsing is satisfactory. It offers 1.5gyga byte for N1200, 1gyga byte for N1000 all in a month and more.

MTN: Unlike other networks, MTN network is not too bad. They are really trying both in data and making of calls. MTN offers 1.5gyga byte for N1000 and more.

AIRTEL: It’s the same just like MTN. their data speed is better off than GLO, though GLO gives more data.

Now let’s move on to how you can reduce data in your phone. Do you know that some applications in your phone consume a lot of data in your phone? These are applications that consume lots of data secretly and how you can turn it off.


Step one. Open your Play Store application

Step two: Click on ‘Menu’

Step three: Click on ‘Settings’

Step four: ‘Click on Auto-update app’s and set it to ‘Do not auto update apps’


Step one: Open your Whatspp application

Step two: Click on ‘Menu’

Step three: Click on ‘Settings’

Step four: Click o ‘Data usage’

Step five: Set all downloads to ‘No media’

Make sure you set all other applications you have in your phone. Remember to de-activate phone auto-updates. Set a security to your WIFI HOTSPOT and reduce to minimum users. It is good to set a security code in your phone to avoid intruders. Always turn off your data immediately after usage this is very important. Note: Some applications do contains ads that consume some data in your device.

Hope it helps.

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