Nice tips to become successful in high school.

University or high school is an educational institute where people further their studies to learn and gain extra skills and knowledge. Some tips here will guide you to stay firm in your school. You don’t have to be bothered at all if you have average of these skills.


It is better to have something to do on your own. You don’t have to depend on your parents or siblings for miscellaneous needs. Acquiring skills will help to boost your self esteem and also lessen the burden on you. Buying of text books and other school stuffs will become easier.


Having computer knowledge will not only make you a computer literate but also you can be able to do any task that comes to deal with computer. In most school, assignments, exams and many other activities are being done with computer. Try to learn from someone or attend a part-time/full time computer centre to learn. Being a computer literate can help you do your assignments and other little responsibilities yourself.


Learning and reading is the most important part in school. Always make time to read so as to feel relaxed when it comes to exams. Reading makes one gain more knowledge and wisdom. You can’t expect to learn if you don’t read. Schedule time for other activities to enable you read. Let one or least of your hobbies become “I love to read”


There is a saying “a good friend is better than brother”. Making good friends in school helps a lot. Do not try to make bad friends at all because they will mislead you. Try to focus on friends that read and behave well. It will be better you don’t make friends at all than having a bad friend.

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By Okoronkwo Vincent

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