What you need to know about catastrophes in Nigeria.

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. Since independent in 1960 there have been so many issues affecting the country. The country as it is today has so many ways of survival but due to the huge population and many religions in the country, it has made it very difficult to control.

Starting from the first president Nnamdi Azikiwe to the current president Mohammadu Buhari, it has been very tough for the federal government to control. The federal government of Nigeria today, found it very difficult to control because of high corruption in the country. This incident made it so hard to monitor and know what is happening within the citizens.

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There are reasons why there is no peace in Nigeria:

  • IPOB: The independent people of Biafra (IPOB) majorly, the Ibos are striving to gain freedom and divide from Nigeria. This process has caused a lot of catastrophe in the country leading to the arrest of their leader (Nnamdi Kanu) by President Mohammadu Buhari. He was later released. Again, this year 2017, Nigerian force was sent to arrest him, which led to the massive killings in Aba and some other parts of the country and also the release of Operation Python Dance to fight IPOB.
  • RELIGION: Nigeria has two major religions named Christian and Muslim. These two religions have different ways of serving their God or gods. This made it very difficult for them to understand each other and live in peace because their beliefs are not the same. Most reports about killings gotten from the northern part of the country has been said to be the issue of religion.

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  • GENDER: The issue of gender discrimination has become rampant in Nigeria. Groups, communities and families have tried to evade gender discrimination but the rate is still high. Mostly, the female ones are taken for granted due to their nature of health and strength. Some families do maltreat their wife. Also in some community, women are not taking as crucial member of the community. They are also restricted in some activities in the community.
  • CORRUPTION: Nigeria has been ranked high in the issue of corruption to date. In politics, corruption deals with embezzlement, rituals, bribery. In fact, corruption is one of the highest in the political system. It is seen as a normal or genuine act when done by the politicians. In universities, the harassment of women by lecturers and also the pressure to sleep with them are common. Some lectures do collect bribes in other to let a student pass his/her examination. In police force, the government supports corruption by allowing the police sent to check and monitor the citizen, to collect bribe and even harass most of the citizens.

All these made the country to be in a clamorous situation. The government should put more effort to making sure that the country remains in peace.

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